Neil Watson


Colin Wade


The Screens

The Screens are the unconventional duo of Neil and Colin. 2000 miles divides them, Colin being in London, Neil in Southern Spain. After years composing/ producing and providing music for a wide variety of films and TV shows The Screens is their creative vehicle to musical freedom...

Neil: "For a lot of people this would be an impossible working scenario but for us it's perfect. We come from the world of film and TV music where we are having to write to order. There's little room for personal's a bit like being a musical prostitute. Being told what to do creatively means you become incredibly robotic and the ability to express yourself freely is no longer an option."

Colin: "We work separately in our own studios. Neil works on the musical parts and I develop the story and lyric behind our compositions. I trust him 100% to create something musically inspiring which I then find a subject and lyric that will work well. It's not for everyone but working like this means neither of us are compromised by the other."

Neil: "We make a conscious effort to ignore what the music industry is doing or what’s popular on Spotify. We are not making music for acceptance by the music industry, we're making music that inspires us. Being signed to a major label goes entirely against the grain of what we're about. Conforming to current industry requirements is not for us. At the moment we're heavily into sixties acts like The Turtles, Scott Walker and I guess that comes through in what we're doing. We really want people to like us but on our terms."

The Screens have a musical history in film and TV music through composing, arranging and/or producing music. Their credits include Kill Bill 2, The Soprano's, The Simpsons, Superman Returns, West Wing, Lost, 24, Mr & Mrs Smith... 
Their production and session credits also include working with artists such as Tom Jones, Paul Weller, Ruby Turner, Will Smith, A Tribe Called Quest , Tony Hadley, Mari Wilson and members of The Cure, Then Jericho and Marillion.