''Reminiscent of both The Turtles & Wayne Fontana, The Screens will capture the hearts of millions!  ''

The Count (Way Out Radio )


July 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ve just got back from meeting Neil and Colin in London and it would be an understatement to say that the guys are absolutely overwhelmed with your generous response to the Kickstarter campaign to make the new album. It now means ‘The Boy Who Waved At Trains’ can be released on both CD and vinyl as well as producing some merchandise to accompany it. There are a whole batch of new songs that the boys are going through to shape into the album and the bits I’ve heard sound fabulous. Colin has an idea for a storyline which will form the narrative of the album which sounds very intriguing but he won’t let on too much at the moment except that it begins in a London dance hall in the 1950’s, and ends on the war torn streets of Northern Ireland in the 1970’s.

The boys also hope to put a top quality band together to perform the album to coincide with the album’s release early next year, but more news on that to follow.

I would just like to thank each and every one of you who pledged to the campaign and to all of you who send messages on social media supporting what The Screens are trying to achieve…it really means a lot.

Have a great summer,


Stay cool,

Rick Young (Manager)