''Reminiscent of both The Turtles & Wayne Fontana, The Screens will capture the hearts of millions!  ''

The Count (Way Out Radio )


May 2018

Hi everyone,

I am writing this after a long session last night mixing tracks for the album with our amazing engineer Dave Greene. For all of you musicians or producers out there you will know that this part of the recording process is the most exhaustive and time consuming. Dave and I are working in blocks of four songs at a time, spending one session going through all the recorded tracks and editing them down, then one session actually mixing and setting all the correct EQ’s and levels. We then move onto the next song and repeat the process. After we have done this we return to the first song, listen with fresh ears, send a first mix to Neil who then sends us comments and we go again. A song can go through about 4 or 5 mixes before we all agree.

We have tried to get a real authentic sound and have been using a very special plug in which gives us the actual reverbs and ambience of Abbey Road Studios of the Sixties.

As you can imagine this a long, laborious job especially as some of the songs have over a hundred recorded tracks and numerous vocal parts to trawl through but fate allowing the album and all the artwork should be complete for a July / August release in a physical format and digital release a little later.

Away from the studio we are also in talks with a couple of companies regarding endorsements which could be exciting should they materialise.

We hope you are enjoying the sunny weather, and would like to thank all the radio stations who are supporting us while we crack on mixing. A special shout out must go to Chris Pearson at the iconic Radio Caroline who has been amazing.

See you all soon,

N & C xx