December 2017

Hi everyone, we hope you are starting to enjoy the festive season and are partying hard. So much has happened since our last update here at The Screens HQ.

We are delighted to announce that Jennifer Jones will be featuring in the video campaign for the new Lambretta scooter early next year. Not 100% on all the details but think the video is being shot in Milan, so we will look forward to seeing it and sharing it with you in due course.

The video for the next Screens single ‘Narrow Stairs’ is now in the can and the long process of editing will begin early next year although the planned release date is not until April due to a busy schedule of recording in London and Spain in January and February. The video shoot was our most difficult and ambitious to date, the subject matter of a disfunctional family spiralling out of control meant that some of the scenes were particularly harrowing to film especially as we had children on set. Our actors really put themselves through an emotional rollercoaster and we feel privileged to have worked with them. A special shout out to Spencer Collings, who as I write this is busy killing dragons in Game Of Thrones, and Andreaa Helen David whose scenes were so brutal at times that it was difficult to watch. That aside the shoot was great fun and we will never forget crashing a flying drone camera into the interior of a church and into a rather expensive car on set. You can see some ‘behind the scenes’ photos in the gallery on this site to whet your appetite and read about our actors on the links page.

January sees us working on the vocal parts to the songs that will make up our debut album, whilst in February we reconvene in London / Essex for a week of intensive tracking with Dave Greene our engineer who has worked with us since the beginning to get that distinctive sound we have now created.

We also have a number of extremely ‘special guests’ lined up to play on certain tracks on the album as well as some amazing guest vocalists and an orchestrator , more on this at a later date but it will be an honour and a privilege to have them on our compositions.

Once again we would like to thank all the radio stations worldwide who are playing our songs and helping to spread the word about The Screens and to you guys who read these blogs and our social media posts, it means the world to us knowing we have your support.

Have a wonderful Christmas, or holidays if you are reading this in the US, and we wish you love peace and happiness for 2018.


Neil & Colin xx