''Reminiscent of both The Turtles & Wayne Fontana, The Screens will capture the hearts of millions!  ''

The Count (Way Out Radio )

February 2018

Hi everyone, I am writing this after a busy few days in the studio recording tracks which will make up the new album.

The album will comprise of eight new compositions plus ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Jennifer Jones’ which I’m sure you already know by now. Track listing so far (in no particular order) :

Tell Julie To Stay



The Watchmaker's Wife

Dangerous Game

Paradise Road

Jennifer Jones

Signore Mazzanto

Narrow Stairs

Tell Julie To Stay ( Reprise )


 We were joined in the studio by a wonderful cast of special guests, who you can check out in the links section and see some behind the scenes photos in the gallery section. Everyone who played and sung in the studio were magnificent and we can’t thank them enough and they all seemed to have a great time which makes it even more pleasurable for us.

Over the next few months we begin the long process of mixing and editing the masses of tracks recorded so that hopefully the finished album will be with you by the summer.

We are also looking at some interesting ideas for the album artwork, which if we can pull it all together will make the whole album package very cool looking indeed. More on that later as we get nearer the release date.

I would like to give a special mention to our sound engineer Dave Greene. Dave really is like the third member of The Screens, he understands what we are trying to create and has the patience of a saint when we go off on artistic tangents and he embraces some of our outlandish production ideas with real enthusiasm. He is a fine musician himself and a master at all those knobs, switches and faders that I haven’t got a clue what they do, but he can find all those sounds that we hear in our heads with ease. Without him The Screens sound would never be the finished article that you hear on the final mixes. Dave, we salute you !!!!!

Finally, thank you guys for all the messages of support you give us on social media and through our e mail address. We read them all and reply as quickly as we can, so please keep them coming.

See you next month,

Stay cool,

N & C xxx