Pinball Wizard (Italian Blog) December 2018

Typical winter afternoon of the Italian province. Outside the window the fog and the glass wet with the condensation of our breath. The grey sky and the sounds in the distance seem to surround us with no way out. Everything seems amorphous, off. Some feelings of discomfort and some thoughts rise to the head.
Suddenly, however, a flash comes.
Tell Julie to Stay‘s perfect drum and piano attack takes us back to the Swingin’ London of the’ 60s. The whole album is an imaginary journey through the London of our hidden dreams. Everything changes in a second and everything evolves for the 37 minutes of this album which is one of the most beautiful surprises of these last months.

Wakes, Wedding and Bar Mitzvah’s is The Screens debut album. 
A band that already from its formation denotes something special. Neil and Colin are in fact a duo that manages to make music although between them there are 2000 miles away. In fact, Neil is from London, while Colin lives in the south of Spain.
They are not really ‘new’ because in their curriculum there are arrangements of soundtracks for films like Kill Bill 2 and participation in the drafting of musical parts for different cult television series like The Soprano’s or the animated series The Simpsons and many others that I’m not here to list.
What was missing was an album that finally arrived. Also because the two members admit to have been attracted by the freedom of action and thought that an album can give you respect to the rest.

This is how last October 5 Wakes, Wedding and Bar Mitzvah’s was released on the indie circuit from Bandcamp where it is also possible to order the album.

The predominant rhythm is the pop in perfect British style, the one that inevitably brings us back to all that universe that we also loved that we were born three generations after sixties.
Consciously difficult and counter-current position taken by the Screens that know very well that they are not perfectly in line with what the record companies want today.
However theirs is a choice, if we want, of life, or put on a physical support a freedom of thought and a passion for music that cannot be stopped by any market logic.

This is an album that will surely win success because it is beautiful in every respect. Texts, music, production, arrangement. The call to the past is always something strong, visceral and The Screens with this album have highlighted it well.

Rating: *****


Indie Buddie 15th October 2018

The Screens have released their debut album ‘Wakes,Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs’. The Screens are a duo made up of Colin Wade (lead vocals) and Neil Watson (things that make noises). Their debut album was born out of sheer frustration of what writers have to do to make money out of music. With an unashamed nod to the sixties, The Screens know exactly what they’re doing as they seduce you with unforgettable melodies whilst selling you the darkest of lyrical scenarios. The Screens have an amazing history of credits and collaborations from film and TV music as well as working with artists that includes Sir Tom Jones, Paul Weller, The Cult, Hue and Cry, Mari Wilson, Tony Hadley, Will Smith through to Kill Bill, The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Lost, Smallville, 24, Mr & Mrs Smith to name a few.

‘Wakes,Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs’ is a spectacularly cinematic album brimming with infectious melodies and gripping musicianship. Each track perfectly sets its scenes through lyrical imagery while the well placed instrumentation paints a vivid backdrop. The melodic flow of the album goes from luscious to sublime as each track progresses. From the honey drizzled ‘Tell Julie To Stay’ with its rushing urgency on piano, the sweetly dramatic drama in ‘Narrow Stairs’ to the buoyant peppy ‘Paradise Road’ The Screens showcase their glorious melody writing with juicy breathtaking instrumental backing. Steady beats mix and weave between jangly guitars and sing along choruses with lush backing vocals and vibrant keys to make each and every note glorious. ‘Avalanche’ brings a lavish swoony element to the albums theatrical collection of tracks. With elegant strings bringing a romantic atmosphere to this sway like gem. The Screens present their tracks in a dynamic and incredibly lavish manner and this song in particular is the pillar of their rich elegant sound and perfectly contrasting lyrical depiction of the bloody heartache and turmoil of love. The vivid vocals caress each song with a velvety smoothness that convey the tracks themes perfectly while soothing and cooing over the sweet melodies. The delicate ’Dangerous Game’, with its sorrowful lone ranger guitar and lush backing vocals has an exotic mournful tone while the danceable ‘Mirrorball’ shimmies and shakes displaying the fun more jazzy side to The Screens. ‘Signore Mazzanto’ is just so thrilling. This track makes you want to dance while filling you with that chilling sense of danger and mystery. It’s almost like you shouldn’t listen and enjoy this vibrant gem for fear of the sinister story but you just can’t help it. I do love this track… that steamy guitar and rich rhythm bubbling under the infectious melody it’s difficult not to wiggle and sing along. ‘Jennifer Jones’ another delightfully mysterious and danger filled track floods with  romanticised flamboyance as strings swoop about a strong piano progression and zingy guitar strides. These tracks are bitter sweet with tragic tales of love surrounded by elegant honey drizzled 60’s musicianship to sweep you into a flurry of euphoria. ‘Tell Julie To Stay reprise’ brings a powerful and soulful end to the album. With a rock n’ roll swaggering melody over dynamic vocals and catchy lyrics lasting for only 1 minute and 18 seconds – it’s a vibrant and abrupt end to what is a breathtaking album.

The Screens whisk you up in a dramatic flurry of splendor with their debut album  ‘Wakes,Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs’ with rich soft textures, delicious ear-worm melodies, darkly hued undertones, buoyant rhythms  and infectious refrains it’s one heck of an emotional ride.

Indie Buddie 4th October 2017

Since the release of their first single ‘Avalanche’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie, in May, The Screens have been locked away writing and arranging tracks for the release of their album in 2018. Included in that batch of new material is their next single ‘Jennifer Jones’ which will be available from Friday 13th October. This sweet blend of theatrical pop swirls and swishes with fine elegant composition. The graceful strings and a delicate piano feature glide along with grandeur and innocence. The lush melody captures your heart as it melts like butter on toast. Though dramatic and oozing romanticised flamboyance there is a dark underlining tone filled with danger and mystery. The Screens lay their tracks out like a narration of a tragic love story, the music expresses a beautiful and naive love that goes sour and treacherous. With light bouncy soundscapes this infectious track skips and hops along though holding a shadowy undertone. With rich instrumentation and sublime melodies, it’s a magnificent composition with a 60’s and 70’s film and TV characterisation. Another stunning track from The Screens.

ListenWithMonger music blog May 2017


Indie Buddie May 25th 2017

‘Avalanche’ is a lavish swoony track theatrically romantic and dramatic with sing along chorus. The sway like simplicity of this sixties-like  dreamy track features elegant string and lush backing vocals, its a fanciful feather light emotional burst. Gracefully the track glides with dainty grandeur and class. This emotionally creamy silky song tells a romantic story in a cinematic way that exudes beauty and splendour. Its incredibly lavish and rich with soft delicate textures ironically contrasting the lyrical depiction of the bloody heartache and turmoil of love. ‘Avalanche’ tips its hat to the classic British gangster stories of the sixties and seventies but lavishes in an opulence of strings and theatre. It has a sound far removed from what most artists are trying to create in order to conform to the industries current requirements.

Music Related Junk May 2017

If the track (Avalanche) and video feel cinematic, it’s because Neil and Colin of The Screens have a history of working in TV and film, helping to produce music for Kill Bill 2, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, The West Wing, Lost, 24, Superman Returns and Mr and Mrs Smith. The story themed lyrics depict a Scorsese-esque romance backed by lavish strings and 60s-flavoured guitars. Apparently, the pair barely met up during the recording process, creating most of the song by collaborating online.


The Ginger Quiff 13th October 2017

The Screens second single “Jennifer Jones” is released on Friday 13th October. Strangely appropriate for the song…

On first listen Jennifer Jones has a driving guitar intro not dis-similar to London Calling. The multi-layered instrumentation then builds and what you get is a vast sophisticated orchestral-like soundscape.

The lyrics are passionately delivered and on first listen they appear to tell an effervescent story of love lost.

However, watch the video in conjunction with the song and you completely re-assess the lyrics. The message behind the song is much bleaker than it first appears. I won’t give it away – watch it.

Think 90’s ostentatious alt-pop from bands like Rialto and My Life Story and you wont be far from the mark. The music has a radiance & lustre to it but with a twist giving it a dark side making it a much more compelling offering.

“Jennifer Jones” is a toxic blend of flambuoyant and theatrical pop whilst tipping it hat to 60’s and 70’s film and TV characterisation.

It’s infectious and memorable yet still resonates with the darker elements of The Screens that were abundant in their first single.

Art Will Fall  25th October 2017

The Screens are back with their new single and it’s most definitely a bit of a throwback. With hints of the 1960's and 70's, their sound is adapting into something rather unique in this modern day and age. 


Since the release of their first single Avalanche earlier this year, The Screens have been locked away writing their new album due for release next year. Jennifer Jones is the latest addition to escape the room and it doesn’t disappoint. In their own words, The Screens have described their latest single as "A toxic blend of flamboyant and theatrical pop". Reminiscent of classic songs like Happy Together by The Turtles, Jennifer Jones is an infectious and memorable track that also has a dark side.


The official music video shows the ups and downs of a relationship, before turning much darker. Predominantly filmed in the Southend area using the pier and the seafront as memorable moments, The Screens do not shy away from creating content that gives us a true insight to what they are trying to portray. The video for Jennifer Jones does show some mild explicit content, but as quoted by the band themselves "We've not done it for any other reason apart from the fact it is what the song is about, a story of a girl who falls helplessly in love with a guy who manipulates her mind and destroys her independence. There's no way of telling this story any other way. It had to be dark”.